Friday, February 12, 2010

Cheese & Roasted Red Pepper Paninis

I have been waiting all week to make these paninis. And, finally the day has arrived. First, I will tell you how I made ours-you're on your own from there. Basically, it's an Italian grilled cheese sandwich-the kind of cheese is up to you. As I love goat cheese, I chose to use that. My husband, not a fan of goat cheese, decided upon fresh mozzarella. Next, we used wheat French bread-I try at all costs to stay away from most "white" foods-bread, sugar, and rice. We also used a delicious sun-dried tomato spread and roasted red bell peppers topped with fresh basil. But, like I said this a "create your own" kind of meal. For instance, I was very close to picking up a jar of artichokes that I thought would make a great addition, but decided I would start simple. So here are the basic instructions:

You will need:

-French bread, sliced about 1 to 1 1/2 inches thick
-Sliced goat cheese or mozzarella cheese
-Roasted Red Bell Peppers (I used the jarred kind)
-Sun-dried Tomato Spread (optional)
-Fresh Basil
-Melted Butter

1. Brush each piece of bread with melted butter on one side.
2. Spread sun-dried tomato spread on other side of bread, if using.
3. Place slices of cheese on non-butter side, top with roasted red bell pepper and basil and other piece of bread.
4. Either place in panini press/grill or place in pan and weigh down with another pot. If not using panini press, you will need to flip panini to cook both sides.
5. Grill until golden brown on both sides.


  1. The Panini definitely looks good.

  2. The paninis look good. Have to find that sun-dried tomato spread :)

  3. Thanks everyone!
    Biren, I found the spread at my Safeway in the produce department where the jarred garlic is...hope that helps! (:

  4. I love paninis. So quick and easy to make and so versatile as you can use so many different fillings!

    Yours look delicious.